SPFA is active in many areas of importance to our members and industry. Falling into our main categories of strength, our efforts include Professional Certification, Technical Services, Marketing, Advocacy, events and community. 


These areas become even more important to a robust and vibrant sprayfoam industry during a global health and economic crisis. SPFA is here to deliver value to our members, representation for the interests of the industry, and a community for our members to navigate the recovery of the industry and their businesses together. 


Education & Certification


SPFA has offered the ISO-17024 compliant Professional Certification Program (PCP) to the industry since 2013. Since that time over 1000 SPF pros have decided to invest in themselves and their future by pursuing these prestigious and respected credentials.


While written exams have been available online for years, the exam-prep courses - normally offered at the Sprayfoam Show and via SPF companies in-person throughout the year - have not been available remotely. COVID changed all of that and forced us to accelerate plans to make these courses available online. Thanks to some great volunteer work in the early days of the outbreak by those that normally teach these courses at the Sprayfoam Show, the exam-prep courses have been recorded and are now available online in the SPFA Exam-Prep Course delivery system. There is a course for each level of PCP Certification (insulation and roofing), and each course has been broken into sections allowing the user to complete them in digestible sized pieces rather than all at once. The downloadable study guides are also included. 


In recognition of the financial distress and unfortunate downtime some people in our industry will be suffering, these courses are available at no charge for SPFA members and any companies employing someone enrolled in the PCP program, for a period of time dictated by the pandemic. That's all seven courses, from Assistant to Master Installer, both insulation and roofing.


SPFA PCP Certification Assistant Course ($250 member rate)

SPFA PCP Certification Insulation Installer Course ($250 member rate)

SPFA PCP Certification Insulation Master Installer Course ($250 member rate)

SPFA PCP Certification insulation Project Manager Course ($250 member rate)

SPFA PCP Certification Roofing Installer Course ($250 member rate)

SPFA PCP Certification Roofing Master Installer Course ($250 member rate)

SPFA PCP Certification Roofing Project Manager Course ($250 member rate)

Complimentary Study Guide Per Level ($50 x 7) = $350

Total Value: $2,100 Free for SPFA Members or PCP Enrollees 

If you've been wanting to take some of these courses, even if just to find out more about the content, now is your chance. Contact SPFA PCP Certification Director Kelly Marcavage to get access today. 

PCP Certification written exams are still available 24/7 via SPFA's online testing platform.


If you need to enroll into the PCP program (required for testing) complete this form.

If you want to become a member at SPFA, go here.

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Tech Services


It follows logic that "Essential Workers" doing their jobs during COVID-19 are likely open to more risk for exposure on the job site, as well as traveling to and from the job site, than if they were isolating at home. With power comes responsibility. In this case, the power to be working, and the responsibility to operate safer than you ever have before. Your life, the lives of your loved ones, and the lives of your customers are entangled with each other and the personal responsibility each take to reducing spread of the virus. 


Workers in the SPF industry are already adhering to extremely demanding health and safety protocols in the normal operation of business. This positions the SPF industry to be among the safest trades on the job site today. Download this free SPFA infographic and share it with your crews.

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SPFA Equipment and Safety Committees Publish Rig Shutdown Guide. Not an ideal situation, but an unscheduled or unexpected shut-down of a rig can happen. If it does, this is one more quick resource available to the SPF industry from the members of SPFA to preserve your equipment. Download it today. 

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In June the SPFA Safety Committee added two new sections to the SPFA Model Written Safety Program.  


The first section provides a written Silica Exposure Control Program. This addresses the recent OSHA National Emphasis Program on respirable crystalline silica dust in the workplace, using information from SPFA’s 2018 respirable silica dust webinar (presented by OSHA staff)  and the OSHA Publication 3902 www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3902.pdf. This new section should be of special interest to contractors that offer concrete jacking service, where respirable dust from cutting and drilling is a common hazard.


In the context of our current pandemic, the second new section offers a written Contagious Disease Control Program. While it addresses many common contagious diseases in the workplace, it includes specific guidance on controlling exposure to COVID-19. This is important for everyone as we get back to work.


The SPFA Model Written Safety Program is offered at no charge to SPFA members and can be downloaded from the Members Only section of the SPFA website. 


For more information on this document and the activities of the SPFA Safety Committee, contact Rick Duncan, SPFA Technical Director rickduncan@sprayfoam.org.


Advocacy & Partnerships

SPFA Working with Our Industry Partners for Recovery

Since the beginning of COVID it was clear federal and state legislative efforts were going to be needed to buoy the economy and preserve our social structure. SPFA relies on our strong industry partnerships to track, monitor, and weigh in on important initiatives from government bodies and agencies, and our partner organizations. 


SPFA strategy has focused on the following:

  • Facilitate initial government response to the pandemic

  • Represent SPF industry unique interests and concerns

  • Work to secure sustaining funding for member companies and advise them

  • Navigate the middle of the pandemic response's changing landscape

  • Position the SPF industry to benefit from recovery efforts, speeding recovery

SPFA as a member of the Back to Work on America's Roofs (BWAR) Coalition, a group of executive staff leaders of the nations' roofing trade associations upon which SPFA is a member, have defined a path forward for the roofing industry in particular to lead the construction industry toward COVID recovery. For more information on that program click here

If you are in the roofing industry and wish to obtain BWAR social media badge to show your support and role in the industry's recovery, contact SPFA today.

SPFA continues to work with partners in efforts to track and influence important initiatives like federal disaster funding, unemployment, state recovery plans, and workforce development initiatives that can benefit the SPF industry. Check back here for updated information.